A Republican Congressman just blamed his sexual harassment allegations on Obamacare

- Januari 23, 2018

The party that elected an avowed misogynist/sexual assaulter/accused child rapist to the presidency and sheltered a pedophile as he ran for Senate in Alabama was recently exposed by The New York Times for concealing another sexual predator within its ranks.

Representative Pat Meehan (R-PA) has been accused of sexually harassing one of his staffers, allegations which he denies. Meehan did admit that he “developed an affection” for the young woman but insists it was neither romantic nor sexual, reports The Washington Post. Meehan is married with children.

Meehan also admits that he told the staffer he thought she was his “soul mate,” showing a disturbingly inappropriate and borderline unhinged degree of creepiness. Additionally — as if those admissions weren’t damning enough — Meehan confessed that he acted selfishly when he learned that the staffer had begun a relationship with another man.

His pathetic insistence that he didn’t engage in sexual harassment doesn’t explain why he privately settled with the staffer, paying her thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds. The entire sordid fair has a sickening hypocrisy to it, given that Meehan was on the House Ethics Committee and was spearheading investigations into sexual harassment. When his misconduct was revealed by The New York Times, he was removed from the committee.

The Philadelphia Inquirer now reports that Meehan has offered a laughable explanation for the allegations against him. Maintaining that he didn’t engage in harassment, Meehan instead insists that any anger or aggression he displayed towards his staff was because of the stress he experienced trying to get the Affordable Care Act repealed.

That is to say, Meehan is trying to justify his disgusting misconduct towards his staffer by blaming it on President Obama’s landmark healthcare program. Apparently, poor Meehan was so hellbent on stripping health insurance from millions of Americans that he was forced to sexually harass his staffer to help blow off some steam. Disgusting.

This man should resign immediately. There is no place for predators such as he in the United States government.

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