Someone claiming to be Stormy Daniels just released a suspicious letter

- Januari 30, 2018

Donald Trump, a known philanderer, was accused earlier this month of paying pornstar Stephanie Clifford, stage name Stormy Daniels, $130,000 in hush money to remain quiet about an extramarital affair they carried on behind Melania Trump’s back.

It certainly struck many people as exactly the kind of thing our current, morally bankrupt president would engage in, and when it was also revealed that Clifford was asked to spank him with a copy of Forbes magazine with his face on it, it seemed doubly likely to be true.

In response to the accusation of the liaison, the president’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen released a statement purportedly written and signed by Clifford. Today, Buzzfeed News received a new letter, claiming to be from Clifford in which she once again denied that she’d had an affair with Trump and urging the reader to follow her on Instagram. But something seemed off…

The first weird thing is that the writer of the letter claims that the “alleged sexual relationship” happened “many, many, many years ago.” If it never happened at all, why would the writer feel the need to stress the fact that it never happened at all, a long time ago? It’s a very weird point to make.

Also, Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted out images of the two letters pointing out a seemingly strange discrepancy. The two autographs don’t seem to match each other, nor do they seem to have the same appearance as an autograph Clifford signed to a fan poster. It’s worth noting that all three signatures are for “Stormy Daniels” rather than her legal name Stephanie Clifford.


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