Sources just revealed Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Mueller

- Januari 25, 2018

According to four sources close to the situation, President Donald Trump ordered the firing of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller back in June, only one month after he was appointed to investigate the Trump-Russia conspiracy and possible obstruction of justice, exemplified in Trump’s firing of former FBI director James Comey.

Trump only held back when White House Counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign if the president fired Mueller.

In recent months, Mueller’s interviews with White House officials revealed that Trump very nearly had him dismissed, hoping to cite weak accusations of conflicts of interest.

These revelations serve as hard evidence in Mueller’s obstruction of justice case against the president.

According to The New York Times:

[Don McGahn] also told senior White House officials that firing Mr. Mueller would have a catastrophic effect on Mr. Trump’s presidency and would incite more questions about whether the White House was trying to obstruct the Russia investigation. Mr. McGahn also told White House officials that Mr. Trump would not follow through on the dismissal on his own. The president then backed off.

Tonight’s stunning development will only serve to turn up the heat to boiling in Mueller’s ongoing – and strong – case against Trump.

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