This video of Evangelical Trump fans defending his porn star affair is downright insane

- Januari 29, 2018

Today in delusional worldview justification we have this CNN report checking in on the health of Trump’s voter base in the wake of the Stormy Daniels revelations.

CNN Reporter Randi Kaye sat down with six female Trump supporters from Texas to ask them whether the fact that Trump allegedly had an affair with the porn star just weeks after Melania gave birth to their son mattered to them.

Their responses are telling.

“We care about jobs, we care about the economy, safety, that’s what we care about,” one woman said.

They seem to be able to forgive the man his sins because they believe he was “ordained by God.”

The women extol the virtues of Trump’s “conservative beliefs,” and praise him for standing up for “freedom of religion,” by which they seem to mean their religion considering Trump’s well known views on Islam.

When asked directly about Trump’s allegedly indiscretions with the porn star just weeks after the birth of his son, the women launch into enthusiastic justification. What they’ve heard pastors call a “mulligan,” they’d describe as Christianity’s signature mercy and grace. These women have found a way to forgive just about anything when viewed through the lens of their Christian values.

Nevermind that Trump himself is perhaps the furthest from the embodiment of Christian values we’ve had in modern history.

The women quote evangelical leader Tony Perkins, who has argued that as long as Trump remains steadfast in his support of the conservative agenda, he deserves “a pass” on his personal record.

One woman tried to justify their forgiveness for Trump by saying, “When you have children, the way you look at the world changes.” She neglects to take into account that the Stormy Daniels affair took place mere weeks after he had just had Barron, his fifth child.

If anyone was wondering whether the base still holds, the answer – for Trump – is yes. Whether they still hold a grip on reality is another question entirely.

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