Top judiciary Democrat just spilled the beans about what’s really in Nunes’ memo

- Januari 29, 2018

California Democrat, Rep. Ted Lieu, who serves on the House judiciary committee, just tweeted a hilarious insult against the infamous “classified memo” by his Republican colleague, House Intel chair, Devin Nunes.

By likening the distorted document to Geraldo Rivera’s epically anti-climactic Al Capone “mystery vaults” episode 30 years ago — during which Rivera discovered on live TV that the much-touted contents of the gangster’s secret lair were a couple of bottles and a stop sign — Lieu decimated the disloyal opposition’s pathetic attempts to help President Trump obstruct justice in the Russia investigation. 

Nunes announced back in April that he would recuse himself on the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation, due to conflicts of interest as what his own constituents call a “Trump lackey.”

Instead of backing off the investigation, however, Nunes has actively fought to hide incriminating evidence about Trump and his inner circle, while fabricating fake conspiracy theories in order to smear the honorable work of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and the FBI.

The closer Mueller gets to establishing Trump’s guilt, the more desperate become the attempts of Nunes and his fellow Putin henchmen in Congress to obfuscate the truth.

In so doing, they only give Mueller further evidence that they are aiding and abetting a coverup, that the coverup suggests a conspiracy, and that their consciousness of guilt makes them dig their party ever deeper into a hole with their beloved Criminal-in-Chief.

During mid-term elections this November, the American electorate must march to the polls with all the purpose of our Founding Fathers to dissipate the fog of tyranny and reclaim our freedom.

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