Trump just informed Congress he won’t enforce Russia sanctions in huge win for Putin

- Januari 29, 2018

Whatever kompromat Russian president Vladimir Putin has on Donald Trump, it must be a doozy because the man who attacks everyone, including his own cronies, reserves his only words of kindness for neo-Nazis and the Kremlin. 

Now, the man Putin helped to the presidency, the man who has obstructed the investigations into his collusion with Russia, who reported intelligence to his Russian overlords in the Oval Office, and his dragged his feet on imposing near-unanimous bipartisan congressional sanctions against Russia, has now recommended that Congress hold off on those sanctions. 

According to Trump’s White House, the congressional vote last year has served as sufficient “deterrent” against Russian destabilization tactics — as if the Kremlin has not destabilized the United States by making Trump president.

Furthermore, a statement from the Trump administration states that if Congress imposes any sanctions, they should only be against non-Russian entities that sell “military and intelligence” equipment that serve Russia’s agenda of destabilizing global democracies.

Rep. Ted Lieu, who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, rightly said on Twitter today that, “THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE,” adding, “[W]hat does Putin have over Trump?”

Pee tapes, money laundering, and God knows what else, compose the list of horrors with which the Kremlin can blackmail Trump.

Many Republicans also accept funding from Russia, causing them to close ranks around the criminal Presidon’t, endangering American national security, our electoral system, and our democratic institutions.

In fact, Trump gave the order to protect Putin’s inner circle of oligarchs on the same day that House Republicans voted to block the Russia investigation.

We have reached a crisis point.  History will judge us by the actions we take in the days to come.  We must choose wisely.

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