James Comey just broke the internet a savage response to release of Nunes’ memo

- Februari 02, 2018

Former FBI Director James Comey has tweeted his reaction to the partisan defecation deluge that is the release of the formerly classified memo written by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA).

The memo was declassified by President Trump and released by the Committee today over the objections of all of the Democrats involved who described it as an effort to discredit the investigation of Trump’s collusion with Russia during his presidential campaign and his obstruction of justice in that investigation by attacking the credibility of the FBI.

Now that the memo is available for the public to read, the flimsiness of its central arguments that the FBI abused its power in applying for the renewal of a FISA surveillance warrant by basing it partially on the Steele dossier, that was funded by both conservative Republican opponents of Trump during the primaries and later by the Hillary Clinton campaign, is apparent for all to see.

Comey, although he was a registered Republican for most of his adult life. seems to agree with the Democrats’ assessment, judging from his tweet.

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

Comey, the man who was probably most responsible for Trump’s victory after he announced just days before the election that the FBI was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal after additional email was discovered on her aide Huma Abedin’s shared computer with her husband Anthony Weiner, is surely regretting having made that decision at this point.

If he knew then what the effect of Trump’s election would be on his beloved FBI, he perhaps would have behaved in the partisan manner that the Republicans are accusing the FBI of having done.

Instead, his actions threw the election to Trump, who then demanded that he stop investigating evidence of his campaign’s collusion with Russia and then fired Comey when he refused to pledge his personal loyalty to the President over and above his sworn oath to the Constitution.

James Comey continues to try to atone for results of his unfortunate actions during the campaign by standing up for the impartiality and commitment to justice that is the credo of the FBI, but at this point it is too little and too late to undo the damage to our nation and to our constitution. Sad.

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