Trump just proposed illegally confiscating guns and conservatives are losing their minds

- Februari 28, 2018

President Trump held a bipartisan discussion on gun reform earlier today in which he seemed to completely eject his party’s long-held beliefs on gun control in favor of spitballing suggestions that seemed to be in line with what Democrats have been proposing for some time now.

He accused some of the members of Congress in attendance of being too afraid of the NRA to act, which is sure to infuriate the organization given that they donated millions upon millions of dollars to get him elected.

The president rebuffed Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) after the Majority Whip (himself a victim of gun violence) suggested a law allowing concealed carry across state lines. Trump told Scalise he believes such a provision would never pass a vote. Trump also seemed open to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) suggestion of an assault weapon ban, a measure which much of the GOP base opposes.

At one point Trump even suggested having the police seizing guns and then figuring out due process afterward, a proposal that would have had gun owners calling for violent revolution in the streets if President Obama had called for it. Such a move is illegal and as soon as the words left his mouth the far-right gun fetishists and a bevy of conservatives who often support Trump pounced.

Twitter exploded with prominent conservatives taking Trump task for his comments. Clearly, the president either doesn’t know or doesn’t care what his supporters want. He ran as a Republican because he knew it was the only party that he could get elected with, but this man has no real beliefs. He panders to whatever room he is currently in and freestyles policies based on whatever pops into his head. It’s nice to see his incompetence finally tearing apart his party.




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