A Boston high school just went viral with a heroic display against gun violence

- Maret 14, 2018

It’s a rare sight indeed to see high school students crawl out of bed on a snow day, but that’s just what hundreds of Boston-area students did this morning.

Refusing to let a snowstorm stand in the way of standing with their peers across the country in solidarity for commonsense gun reform and against the National Rifle Association, these students braved freezing temperatures in order to make their voices heard.

“This movement is not dissuaded by a snowstorm. We’re hardy Massachusetts students, and we’ll brave the snow in order to speak out about what matters to us” said march organizer Charlotte Lowell to Boston.com. “Weather can’t really stop a movement.”

The students marched to the state house, where the made their demands very clear to all those assembled.

Add your name to tell Trump: We don’t need your fascist military parade in the United States of America!

The outpouring of energy and enthusiasm from our nation’s children is truly inspiring to behold. But while the children may be our future, the gateways of change are forever guarded by rich, old, white men who cannot be swayed away from their convictions – or more accurately, their devotion to their donors.

The upcoming midterm elections in November are our first chance to rid ourselves of the politicians that the gun lobby has bought and paid for; it’s imperative that we find and run candidates who are truly devoted to enacting substantial change and putting an end to the epidemic of gun violence that steals away the lives of tens of thousands of Americans every year.

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