Fox News just brutally mocked Trump’s terrible week [WATCH]

- Maret 03, 2018

Fox News employs three newsmen tasked with maintaining the network’s legitimacy as a news outlet.  Without Shepherd Smith, Chris Wallace, and Bret Baier providing something resembling ‘fair and balanced’ news during the day, the entire cable news giant would have descended into an outright 24 hour propaganda ministry for the Trump administration that its morning and prime time shows already are.

In a rare but not uncommon occurrence, two of them appeared together at the same time Friday.  It was probably  just to be sure people are aware that there are in fact three distinct people playing it straight at Fox News, and not just one taking on three different personas.

Shep Smith had Chris Wallace via satellite from Washington, D.C. on his daytime show, The Fox Report, to comment on what was by any measure a busy week in politics.  Smith asked Wallace how things were in the nation’s capital, and Wallace got right to the point.

“Let’s go through it. Hope Hicks has quit, the person closest to the president among his White House staff,” Wallace said. “The president hates his attorney general. The deputy attorney general is defending the attorney general from the attack from the president.”

“Gary Cohn, the national economic adviser, is threatening to quit because of the fact that the president announced these tariffs over his objection,” he added. “The president reportedly wants to oust his national security adviser.”

“Somebody is trying to get Jared Kushner. There’s a report in The New York Times today the president is telling Kushner that he’s sorry he’s taken all these slings and arrows while he’s supposedly at the same time saying to John Kelly ‘help me get Kushner and Ivanka out of here,’ ” Wallace continued.

“Other than that, it’s sweetness, light, puppies and unicorns here in D.C.”

Most of the rest of Fox News programming is dedicated to downplaying the chaos in the Trump administration, and it’s quite common to see White House employees like Kellyanne Conway, or Trump sycophants like Cory Lewandowski on various news shows to do damage control.

But Smith and Wallace, at least, will report the news, whatever its consequences for the presidency the rest of the network is hell bent on protecting.

You can watch the entire enlightening exchange between Shepherd Smith and Chris Wallace below.

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