Stephen King just issued an urgent message that America’s cannot ignore

- Maret 03, 2018

The master of written horror has faced the biggest horror of our time and figured out how to beat the monster.

Stephen King, the author of Carrie, The Shining, Cujo, and Misery along with countless other classics of the genre, has been politically active for many years, he has been particularly outspoken during the Trump era.

As a master and connoisseur of the things that instill fear in the human psyche, King knows that the ultimate fear that most Americans face on a practical basis each day is the danger of being caught up in an episode of uncontrolled and unrepentant gun violence.

Having examined the roots of this fear, KIng has come to the realization that the federal government can’t be relied upon to invent and implement a solution that would at least minimize, if not eliminate, our justifiable fears. His tweet explains his alternate solution, and it’s a solution in our own control.

King, ever the master of the descriptive aphorism, captures the essence of our Con-Man-in-Chief perfectly with his depiction of Trump as “a morally vacant boob who will say anything.” It is his exhortation to take the responsibility upon ourselves and bring it to the voting booth in November that proves his true political and social wisdom.

Let’s hope that everyone of his millions of readers takes his advice to heart and transforms our current nightmare into the hopeful dream of the future.

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