Trump just tweeted a bombshell threat to Europe in the first blows of his trade war

- Maret 03, 2018

It’s a Saturday morning and all rested up after a night sleeping in his comfy Mar-a-Lago bed, President Trump, his phone at the ready, fires off his first volleys of the day in his Twitter offensive.

He warms up with a softball.

You can tell he’s still not fully awake. He didn’t even bother to use the occasion to attack NFL players who kneel during the anthem, although perhaps he knows that by now his base is fully trained and only needs to hear the word “anthem” to conjure visions of kneeling linebackers disrespecting the flag in their twisted interpretation of a police brutality protest.

His fingers are getting a bit more limber now. He goes for a retweet of a retweet from Don Jr., adding his own media analysis to the chain migration of self-aggrandizing ideas.

Now that he’s gotten the psychological projection exercise out of the way, failing to realize that the pot calling the kettle black is fairly often paralleled in American history, he’s ready for the big shots across the bow in the trade war he unilaterally declared this week, sinking stock markets around the world, and undermining the value of his much-vaunted tax cuts by raising inflation through tariffs that will mostly affect the people who can least afford it..

Well, this tweet has so much packed into it that it’s difficult to know where to start. There are the stylistic quirks such as the unnecessary capitalization of “Billion Dollar Yearly Trade Deficit” and the quotes around “very stupid” that people don’t usually use when they’re quoting themselves (since Trump is the only one complaining about how stupid these carefully negotiated trade deals are).

It is Trump’s continued unawareness of what it is that other countries are laughing at that is the amazing thing here. He still doesn’t seem to get that they’re laughing at his own idiocy and that of the fools who thought he would be an intelligent and effective leader for this country and voted for him despite every sign that he gave during the campaign that he was a moronic blowhard completely unqualified for the office.

Trump wasn’t through with his villainously cackling threats yet, however, He still had more to say.

The trade war is on! While the Chevy and Ford truck-driving blue-collar base will cheer the news, his Mercedes and BMW-driving oligarchs might not be too happy with this, but the tax cuts they just received will more than pay for the additional costs of importing luxury vehicles.

Trump seems to forget that wars have consequences and collateral damage. His delusional mind envisions evil foreigners around every corner trying to steal American jobs when it’s obvious that the export of American jobs came at the behest of American corporations and benefited their stockholders who, in their greed for profits, ignored the social cost of an abandoned industrial base and lost domestic jobs, leaving it to the government to retrain workers and issue food stamps to the now hungry people left behind.

The shots fired, Trump can now go off to his golf game. You can be sure that he’ll bring his phone with him, just in case he needs to mouth off on new developments in the Russia investigation or to comment on the imminent departure of another member of his inner circle. Our presidential oracle will be surely dropping more bad news shortly, laden with lies and propaganda for his own selfish agenda.

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