Trump just unveiled his new 2020 campaign slogan (WATCH)

- Maret 10, 2018

At tonight’s campaign-style rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, at which Trump stumped for Republican candidate Rick Saccone, the President took the opportunity to characteristically turn the spotlight back toward himself.

Whereas his previous slogan – “Make America Great Again” – became synonymous with his presidency, Trump has opted for a new slogan heading into the 2020 campaign.

“Our new slogan when we start running in, can you believe it, two years from now, is going to be ‘Keep America great, exclamation point,’” he said.

“We can’t say ‘Make America Great Again’ because I already did that,” Trump added.

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While Trump officially announced his 2020 campaign last month, he has never stopped actively campaigning at rallies throughout the country. He has used the opportunities to distort facts, attack the media, and offer self-congratulatory praise.

Tonight’s rally comes amid a tightening special election race in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. Whereas Trump won this district by a 20-point margin in 2016, polls have shown Democrat Conor Lamb leading his Republican counterpart in what may be the latest in a string of humiliating lost seats for the GOP leading up to midterms.

Trump may claim that we need to “Keep America Great,” but with barely any legislative accomplishments in office, a decimated reputation overseas, and the lowest approval rating of any president at this point in his presidency in modern history, his new campaign slogan seems to be as unfit as the man it represents.

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