A top Sinclair host just publicly fantasized about raping Parkland survivor David Hogg

- April 06, 2018

The last bits of glue holding the sanity of the conservative movement together are rapidly melting as the GOP as the calls for gun reform pick up steam. The survivors of the horrific Parkland mass shooting are gaining momentum and it looks like their brave activism could finally lead to meaningful firearm legislation.

The feeling that change is coming has Republicans deeply spooked, and the gun fetishists in the party are worried they might lose their favorite deadly toys. At the same time, Republican politicians are afraid of losing their NRA blood money.

In response, rather than articulate cogent arguments for why they need to personally own weapons of war, the right has turned to attacking and smearing the Parkland students.

Jamie Allman, a pro-Trump radio personality and TV host for the sinister Sinclair Broadcast Group has taken the Parkland hysteria to a disgusting, disturbing new low by sending out a tweet in which he fantasizes about brutally raping the young activist David Hogg with a “hot poker.” Hogg, a minor, has become a favorite target for the frothing unhinged hordes of the right.

Outrage over Allman’s gross fantasy sprang up immediately. Soon after, Allman cowardly deleted the tweet. But not before it had spread like wildfire throughout the internet. The whole world now has proof that this cruel creature thinks that a young boy deserves to be violently violated simply because he wants to save the lives of other children.

This is what the modern conservative movement has to offer. Allman fits in well with a party whose president sexually assaults women and endorses pedophile senators in Alabama. The modern Republican Party is little more a filthy cesspit of barely restrained sexual violence and hatred.

Allman must be removed from his position immediately. Men who talk about raping children shouldn’t be given a platform from whence to spew their toxic rubbish at the American public. If not, boycotts are in order. Get. Him. Out.

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