Nikki Haley just refused to defend Trump in stunning televised moment

- Mei 06, 2018

Even members of President Trump’s own administration are bristling at his style of communicating his agenda to the country.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, refused to defend the President’s communication manners when she appeared on CBS’s Sunday Morning today.

“First of all, he has his communication style, but you’re not hearing me defend that,” Haley told CBS.

“What I will tell you is if there is anything that he communicates in a way that I’m uncomfortable with, I pick up the phone and call him, and I tell him that. And I think that’s something he deserves from me,” the UN Ambassador continued.

Haley has never been one to hold back her comments when she feels the need to correct misconceptions about issues that she has to defend in front of the representatives of the world’s other nations.

She famously snapped back at the White House when a presidential adviser said that she had been confused when she said that the administration would be imposing new sanctions on Russia in the wake of the poisoning of a Russian expat in London, saying, “with all due respect, I don’t get confused.”

Haley told CBS that she doesn’t feel the need to disclose every detail of her private conversations with the president, but did say that she felt that Trump was receptive to her input.

Of course, as one of the few people on the president’s senior team that hasn’t been quoted as calling him an idiot or a moron, she may just be attempting to keep her job safe.

However, in an administration where it’s always difficult to keep up with the latest version of the “truth,” there are never any guarantees that the substance of the president’s communications will be as easy to disagree with as their style.

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