Trump’s campaign chairman just pleaded guilty to underage sex trafficking charges

- Mei 07, 2018

Birds of a predatory feather flock together, so it’s not simply coincidence that the president who bragged about groping women has so many vile men in his orbit. His White House Staff Secretary was revealed to be a domestic abuser. His former campaign manager is an alleged sexual assaulter.

Now, it turns out a chairman for Trump’s presidential campaign in Kentucky has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for human trafficking.

Timothy Nolan, 71, has pleaded guilty to not just trafficking, but a litany of sex-related crimes, The Associated Press reports. He was a former Kentucky judge for Campbell County District Court, demonstrating once again that Republicans can’t be trusted with power. Far too many of them refuse to obey the law even when they’re the ones chosen to uphold it.

Nolan reportedly gave opioids to young women, many of them under 16, in order to get them addicted to the drugs and dependent on him for a fix. Once they were hooked, he’d refuse to give them more unless they performed sex acts for him. Sometimes he would threaten to call the police if they didn’t obey. It was a methodical, cruel pattern of behavior and sociopathic exploitation.

If this was the first person connected to Trump to be outed as a monstrous sex offender, it would have been disturbing but not necessarily an indication of a larger problem with the president himself.

As this is not the first time something like this has happened, and unfortunately most not likely the last, it says something about the kind of man Trump is, and the kind of people he gravitates towards. This country will be a safer place once he’s out of power and the creatures he’s chosen to surround himself with are swept away.

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