A David Hogg-Obama tweet just took the internet by storm

- Juni 02, 2018

David Hogg, the student anti-gun violence activist who is among the best known survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shootings, has been scrolling through Twitter posts by former President Barack Obama, presumably for inspiration.

It didn’t take him long to find and retweet an optimistic statement about the future that Obama tweeted in 2016 shortly after Trump was surprisingly elected as his successor and  that future seemed to be heading toward a bleak outlook.

The statement must have resonated with Hogg, who as a perfect example of why Obama placed his trust in the future in the hands of the youth, has been shaping the future of gun policy in America, along with his fellow student activists, like no adults have been previously been able to accomplish.

Hogg’s tip of the hat to Obama’s vision of a future in the hands of a new generation acknowledges a source of his inspiration while understanding that there’s a long and difficult path ahead to achieve their goals.

With young people like Hogg, Emma Gonzal├ęz, Cameron Kasky, and the many other students from Parkland and around the country who have dedicated themselves to achieving a fear-free environment in our schools and throughout our communities, Obama must be exceedingly proud of his predictive skills and supporting them every step of the way.

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