David Duke just responded to the Trump-Putin debacle with a disgusting, anti-Semitic celebration

- Juli 17, 2018

In case anyone has been lost at sea for the past two years and has no understanding of which side is the right side of history in America’s current political divisions, the response from former Ku Klux Klan leader and notorious white supremacist David Duke to yesterday’s debacle of a press conference between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin should clear things up immediately.

During yesterday morning’s press conference, President Trump was asked directly not once but twice to confront his Russian counterpart over the interference in the 2016 election on his behalf – and both times, Trump sided with Putin over the conclusions of seventeen different American intelligence agencies and the conclusions of the intelligence agencies of our NATO allies.

David Duke took to Twitter this morning to celebrate the “historic” summit and launched into an anti-Semitic rant in which he praised the President for his attack on the “Zionist Occupied Government of the United States” and the “Deep Evil State.”

He finishes by declaring that “Russia has values America once had and America the values that Communist Russia had,” a statement that makes absolutely no sense at all and is just another reminder that words truly have no meaning in this age of contemptuous, willful stupidity.

David Duke loves Vladimir Putin’s regime because it openly espouses white ethnofascism and chauvinistic appeals to an imaginary and inherently racist heritage mythology – one that just so happens to include venerating Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, proving Duke has no idea what he’s actually talking about and is just in it for the racism – and from his sadistic policies of soft ethnic cleansing and openly white nationalist statements, it’s clear that Donald Trump loves that too.


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