Joe Kennedy just demanded a crucial new Congressional investigation into Trump and Russia

- Juli 17, 2018

Yesterday, the entire world was taken aback by the President of the United States’ behavior at his press conference with Vladimir Putin.

When given the opportunity not once but twice to publicly challenge the Russian President and to confirm the findings of America’s many intelligence agencies that implicate Russia in the extensive cyberwarfare campaign during the 2016 election, the President instead decided to discredit the allegations and then brought up Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories to divert attention from the matter.

Based on that disturbing performance, rising Democratic hopeful Joe Kennedy III (D-MASS) is spearheading a movement to call the translator who oversaw the meeting between the two leaders before Congress to find out what was really said behind closed doors in that meeting in Helsinki, Finland, which dragged on for more than a half-hour longer than it was supposed to.

Taking to Twitter, the young scion of one of America’s oldest political families made a powerful plea and called upon his Republican peers to support him in his efforts to find out the truth of what transpired between the President of the United States and the leader who masterminded the interference in our election.

Of course, such support is not likely to come anytime soon, especially since Trump’s tepid and obviously insincere walkback this afternoon gave them the flimsy excuse they need to justify their continued support for Trump, his agenda, and his Supreme Court nominee to their voters and the media.

But if the blue wave really does sweep the House back into Democratic hands, the situation could be very different come December – and Joe Kennedy will be in the perfect spot to lead the charge.

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