Trump just tried to brag about his North Korea “progress” and it backfired in humiliating fashion

- Juli 12, 2018

President Trump just took to Twitter to brag about how “nice” the leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea is being to him in a desperate attempt to prove to the American people that he’s accomplished something on his diplomatic missions – but the truth would like a word with him.

While Trump loves to boast about how “great progress” is being made, the truth is nothing has changed, nothing has been accomplished, and in fact, North Korea is going out of its way to mock and tease Trump and his coven of scheming ideologues.

The news broke today that North Korea had skipped a meeting with the United States about potentially returning the bodies of Americans who had died during the Korean War, even though Trump had previously said that they had already begun returning the bodies.

On top of that, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived for a meeting with Kim Jong-un on July 6th – but the leader decided to skip that too, instead opting to visit a potato farm instead.

Seeing as President Trump himself skipped two important meetings with world leaders this morning, it won’t be lost on him that the missed meetings are both a sign of immense disrespect and a statement that they don’t take you or your positions seriously.

Trump’s insistence on continuing to portray this as a win makes it obvious that he doesn’t actually care about any of the issues at stake – not the bodies of our fallen soldiers, not solving the North Korean nuclear crisis, nothing but the delusions of his own success and a bone or two to throw to his hooting fans, who will accept literally anything he says at face value.

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