A Fox News host just turned on Trump and used Obama as an example to call him out

- Agustus 30, 2018

Trump started off his day by launching an attack on CNN, whining about how biased their coverage of his disastrous presidency has been so far. Of course,

CNN is not actually being unfair to the president, they’re simply reporting the facts on the ground and the facts on the ground clearly indicate that this is one of the most ineffective, cruel, and corrupt administrations in American history.

Specifically, Trump took aim at Jeff Zucker, the CEO of NBC Universal who oversees CNN. The president called him “Little Jeff Z” a reference to Zucker’s 5-foot-6-inch height. It was an inane, childish insult unbefitting of the Office of the President.

He also attacked CNN yesterday and criticized legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein.

Now, Howard Kurtz, a Fox News host, has unleashed a wave of criticism against Trump, demonstrating that while the network has essentially become pro-Trump state media there are still a few pundits left at Fox who are willing to tell the truth. 

“If President Obama had said, ‘Hey, Fox News, you should get rid of Roger Ailes, because I think your coverage of me is unfair,’ there would have been an explosion on the right,'” Kurtz said, drawing an obvious parallel to Trump’s comments about Zucker.

Kurtz is absolutely right that Trump shouldn’t be demanding that private companies fire specific executives and that it’s a gross abuse of the president’s bully pulpit. The fact that this line of criticism is coming from Fox News of all places gives it extra weight.


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