A Republican Senator just blamed the late John McCain for Trump’s disrespectful behavior

- Agustus 27, 2018

Donald Trump is such a small, petty man that rather than put past differences aside like an adult and celebrate the late Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) life, he’s chosen to use the statesman’s death as an opportunity to double down on their feud.

Trump quashed White House efforts to release a statement praising the senator as a hero, then he ordered the White House flags prematurely returned to full-mast rather than let them remain in half-mast mourning for McCain. He has since reversed both decisions, after a wave of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

Lest anyone be tricked into thinking that the moral rot of the Republican Party is contained solely to the Oval Office, a GOP senator has added his voice to the McCain-Trump controversy in disgusting fashion.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) claims that McCain was “partially to blame” for the White House flag lowering scandal because he “disagreed with the president in certain areas and wasn’t too courteous about it.” CNN’s David P. Gelles reported the comments.

Inhofe’s comments are a shameless attempt to pander to President Trump at the expense of a dead man obviously incapable of defending himself. McCain may have had many flaws, but his opposition to Trump was certainly not one of them. It was based in principle and the firm belief that America is better than the hateful tripe spewed by our conman leader on a daily basis.

The President of the United States isn’t a monarch and he is neither entitled to (nor in this case deserving of) unquestioning respect and deference. Trump should not be excused for disrespecting McCain on the grounds that he upset the president in the past.

Inhofe’s bootlicking behavior is even more egregious when one considers the fact that he is expected to take over McCain’s role as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

In contrast to the indefensible behavior of Trump and Inhofe, McCain offered the American people a final uplifting message of patriotism and`adherence to higher ideals, something the current occupant of the Oval Office has no understanding nor appreciation of.

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