Obama just made a midterm announcement that took the internet by storm

- Agustus 01, 2018

Barack Obama is apparently finished sitting on the sidelines of politics.

While the Republican Party has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are unwilling and unable to hold the president accountable for his criminal activity, the nation is now turning to Democrats to step in.

Former president Obama took to Twitter to release his first wave of endorsements for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, giving a boost to a highly qualified class of Americans to replace a complicit, corrupt, and spineless Republican Party.

Obama’s endorsements come amid an already staggeringly successful 2017/2018 election cycle for Democrats. With last month’s win in Wisconsin’s 1st Senate district, Democrats have flipped 43 seats since Trump took office with an average 14 point swing to the left. If they are able to replicate those results throughout the country in November, they will have little issue retaking the House of Representatives and even have an excellent shot at flipping the Senate.

Weighed down by Trump’s growing list of scandals, poor governing and sinking approval ratings, the Republican Party is on life support– and Obama’s return to politics is only going to hurt them further.

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